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Basics of the world of Vallaciea

Order of Rule

The Notable Human Factions of Vallaciea

Royal Family
The Barasteen family has ruled Vallaciea for nearly a millenia

Army of the Rose Kingdom
Led by the Lord Commander, the army is tasked with protecting all the realms of Man.

Circle of Alexander
Tasked with guarding the blight.
Those born as divinely ungifted are taken from their parents at birth and sent to the circle for training.

Order of Tala
For centuries the undead have walked the surface of Vallaciea
If you sign a contract with the White Hand, you will work for them until you die, and possibly long after.

Order of the Red Oak
The Oaks enforce the laws of the realm, but power breeds corruption. Remember that bully when you were younger? Not only is he a member, he has probably been promoted.

Order of Marque
For two hundred years after the War of Power, all communication and transportation between realms was by Horse. It can take weeks to travel between realms, unless you pay the Travelers Guild.

The Draska
Shrouded in mystery, little is known about this alleged criminal guild.
It is known that they have one rule, “You don’t talk about Draska”

Historical Information

The Ten Lands

Old Deities

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