The Ten Lands

Human Lands

Loros Territory
Realm of the Royal Barasteen family
Seat of power: Capital of the four Realms, Rotock City

Cora Territory
Realm of Duke Loprus
Seat of power: Boldock City

Molga Territory
Realm of Duke Gadrick
Seat of power: PulmaRock City

Lorensia Territory
Realm of Duchess Franca
Seat of Power: City of Carataka

Togas Territory

The Lands of NonHumans

Celindy Territory
Elvin Realm
Currently led by NilGalad of the Celindy

Eloril Territory
Elvin Realm
Currently led by Delun of the Eloril

Cádia Territory
Elvin Realm
Led by Belowien the White

Black Rock Mountain
Dwarven Realm
Ruled by Grand Emperess Maragana

Glenry Territory
Realm of the Gnomes
Governed by Chancellor Glunvan

The Ten Lands

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